ST 100 AB Eye Washer

ST 100 AB Eye Washer

Code  : ST 100 AB
Brand : SAFE-TŪ


Wall mounted eye washer is using in rushing to deal with an emergency, quickly cleaning the deleterious material  which attached to eyes. Pipe and fittings 1” stainless steel.


  • Controlled, low velocity flow completely rinses eyes and face is not injurious to user.
  • Eye washer unit deliver 11.5liters of water per minute.
  • Outlet heads position meets 89/686/EEC and ANSI Z358.1-2004, DIN 12899 and UNI-9608-4.1990 standard.
  • Protect spray heads from airbone aontaminants.
  • Valve actuator are easy to locate and readily accessible to user.
  • Hands-free stay open balve activate within one second.
  • Connect unit to uninterruptible water supply delivering at 3 GPM.



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