Fyrepel Proximity Suit 300BA

Fyrepel Proximity Suit 300BA

Code  : Fyrepel 300BA
Brand : FYREPEL®


300 Series Approach Suits

     EN11611:2007               EN11612:2008     


      Class1 A1A2                 A1A2B1C4

      Class2 A1A2                 D1E1F1


These heat reflective 300 and 305 Series Approach Suits are designed for personnel engaged in maintenance, repair and operational tasks in areas of low ambient, high radiant heat, much the same as our 500/505 Series. However, the 300 and 305 Series Approach Suits have no moisture/steam barrier, making these garments suitable for situations where exposure to hot liquids, steam or hot vapor is not a possibility.

Like the 500/505 Series, these protective approach suits are available with two outer surface material choices: Aluminized Glass or Aluminized Nomex®. The 300 and 305 Series Suits are available in coverall or coat and pant styles, with or without SCBA accommodations. The 300 Series suit comes complete with a hood with gold reflective faceshield, coat, pants, gloves and boots. The 305 Series suit comes complete with a hood with gold reflective faceshield, coverall, gloves and boots.

Handy duffel/storage bags are also available. The 300 and 305 Series Approach Suits are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Individual components are available.

300 Series Data Sheet

ALM 300 Heat Performance Test Results




300 and 305 Series Approach Suits are used by power plants, cement manufacturers, foundries, ceramic, glass, and plastic manufacturers, chemical processing. Suits protect employees exposed to extreme radiant heat for relatively prolonged periods of time.

Model Numbers

300BA Approach Suit complete, SCBA accommodation
300 Approach Suit complete
305BA Approach Coverall complete, SCBA accommodation
305 Approach Coverall complete.

Suit Components

309/310-1 Approach Hood
322 BA Approach Coverall
322  Approach Coverall
320-32BA Approach Coat
320-32 Approach Coat
330 Approach Pants
355 Approach Boots
344-02A Gauntlet Glove



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